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Hyde Nightmare Pre-Workout by ProSupps

Formulated with serious athletes in mind, Hyde Nightmare is the ultimate pre workout when mental and physical demands are high. Designed to get you up and motivated, energised for every training session and ready to make progress. To take you to the next level, Hyde Nightmare is made with three complexes- for vasodilation (pumps), mental resilience intensification and to stimulate energy.

Ingredients breakdown

Vaso-endure Matrix

Beta Alanine and L-Citrulline give enhanced vasodilation and circulation, for that muscle pump feel in every training session. Increases exercise capacity and decreases muscle fatigue so you can go harder, for longer.

Mental Resilience Intensifier

L-Carnitine for that everlasting mental and physical energy. Alpha GPC for more available acetylcholine in the brain, helping with focus and drive. L-Theanine has a calming effect on the mind and balances out caffeine, to prevent the jitters or a crash afterwards.

3-FEIN Stim Matrix

A generous 300 mg of stims in the Hyde Nightmare, combining the Camellia Sinensis (Green tea) plant, Caffeine Anhydrous and Coffee Arabica extract. Helps with mental focus and physical energy.

Hydration & Replenishment Matrix

Keeps you hydrated and focussed in the workout, Himalayan Salt adds essential minerals to the mix.

Additional information

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Take one full scoop 15 minutes before exercise. Alternatively, you can sip during exercise.


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