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Since our inception, TheLipoGuy has rejected the snobbery that often surrounds the pursuit of a healthier, fitter body. Whether you are taking your first tentative steps into a gym or training relentlessly to improve your performance by that elusive 1%, we support and applaud your efforts. Our products are designed to assist individuals on any rung of the fitness ladder and, if used correctly, can make a tangible difference to the results. 

If you want to climb higher, go faster, lift more, recover quicker, and generally push yourself beyond your boundaries, we’re here to help. Nobody can do the hard work for you, but with TheLipoGuy providing the fuel you need in Emrald Labs supplements, you’re giving yourself the best chance of success.

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About Emrald Labs

Australian-based Emrald Labs produces premium-level health, sports, and well-being supplements. They believe that high-quality nutritional supplements can have an enormous, positive impact on training and growth. They personify knowledge and passion for the self-improvement industry and rail against the plethora of so-called ‘experts’ and miracle supplements that have flooded the market. 


The team at Emrald Labs never compromises on the quality of their ingredients and upholds the conviction that consumers deserve the truth about what they put into their bodies. The descriptions of the capabilities of their supplements are never enhanced, and all the products they create do precisely what they say they will if used correctly. That level of transparency is one of the things we appreciate more than anything here at TheLipoGuy, and we are proud to support such integrity in the industry by offering their products in our online supplement store.


Emrald Labs supplements:

  • Help you push through tough training moments 
  • Feel stronger
  • Increase mental acuity and sharpness
  • Recover from exercise quickly 
  • Achieve unmatched fitness results by giving your body the ingredients that it requires to 
  • Break your way through seemingly impenetrable fitness plateaus 
  • Perform, feel, and look the way you have always dreamed of doing


Look after your body by giving it the love and attention it deserves in the form of Emrald Labs supplements. You will not regret it.


Why choose to shop for Emrald Labs supplements with TheLipoGuy?

There are many good reasons to shop for Emrald Labs supplements and other popular supplements and high-quality brands with TheLipoGuy. Our commitment to providing the best fitness and health supplements and our enthusiasm for the industry shine through. We go above and beyond to offer:


  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast, efficient service
  • A wide range of top-tier brands


At TheLipoGuy, we are proud to have gained a reputation for excellence and integrity over a short time. We have many top ratings and reviews online and are building a strong, dedicated following on social media. Much of this trust comes from our refusal to accept inferior brands or products. We are only interested in dealing with the best in the business, and we proudly carry a selection of Emrald Labs products. Some other things you can expect from us include:


  • One-stop shopping for all your nutritional supplement needs
  • Rigorous testing and quality control backing up our product choices
  • Accurate, clear labels on everything we stock
  • Competitive pricing and sensational offers
  • Home delivery
  • Peerless customer service


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